Restorative Bliss Yoga - Therapy for Life with Skyer Myers

Skyler's teaching focuses on the integration of body and mind through breath. This Restorative Bliss Yoga practice uses the support of props like blankets, boosters, and blocks to encourage a deeper release and provide a completely supportive environment for total relaxation.

Restorative poses help relieve the effects of chronic stress through the uses of props, moving the spine in all directions, including a gentle inversion which reduces brain arousal , blood pressure, and fluid retention. We hold the poses longer than in a regular hatha based asana practice. The emphasis is on relaxation, rather than straining.

Restorative yoga is beneficial in times of stress, especially during major life events: change of job, financial strain, marriage, divorce, death of a loved one. These postures can also be done in recovery from an injury or illness.

Your energy will feel restored, as if you just had a nap, but better!  The more often you practice this, in conjunction with a more vigorous yoga and/or physical exercise, the younger you will feel. If health leads to happiness you will surely be on the path to Bliss! 
Enjoy your practice!

Skyler has been practicing yoga since 1993 and teaching since 2002.
She is registered with YogaAlliance as an RYT 500. Her training is in Yoga Asana founded in Ayurvedic principles, Meditation, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy & Physiology, Ayurveda, Yogic cleansing techniques, Sanskrit, Mantras & Chanting.
Skyler taught at the Shiva Center, the Chopra Center, and La Costa Resort before opening her own studio: Yoganic, San Diego's Green Studio. She is currently living and teaching near Grass Valley, CA on an ecovillage / ayurvedic yoga retreat center. Visit her online at

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